NGC 1313

NGC 1313 — Click on image to enlarge

NGC 1313 is an isolated galaxy in Reticulum that has its disorganized shape from starburst activity — not due to collisions with neighbors, as there are no galaxies close by.  It is further atypical given its asymmetrical arms and the fact that the center of rotation is not the middle of the central bar.

Technical details as follows:

Image by SSRO/PROMPT/CTIO in 2008 using a 16″ RCOS at f/11.3, Apogee U47, and Paramount ME. Image scale 0.58″/pixel. LRGB with 2 hrs lum, 2 hrs/channel RGB. Calibration in Maxim, alignment in Registar, integration in Sigma Combine, and everything else in Photoshop.