NGC 1512

NGC 1512  — Click Image to Enlarge

NGC 1512 is a rarely imaged southern galaxy in the (dim) constellation Horologium. The core is quite bright, but the arms are extensive and very dim — this was a challenge to process! Another interesting feature is the presence of a small satellite galaxy off to the left.

Technical details as follows:

Imaged by SSRO/PROMPT/CTIO in 2016 with a 16″ RCOS @ f/11.3, FLI 16803, and Planewave 200HR mount. Image scale 0.41″/pixel. LRGB with 23 hours Lum, 12 hours Red, 10 hours Green, and 12 hours Blue.   Calibration in Maxim, alignment/integration in PixInsight, deconvolution in PixInsight, and everything else in Photoshop.