NGC 7023

NCG 7023 — Click on image to enlarge

NGC 7023, aka the Iris Nebula, is a bright reflection nebula in Cepheus, although technically speaking, the designation 7023 refers to the open cluster of stars within the larger nebula complex. The nebula itself appears in Lynds’ Catalogue of Bright Nebulae (LBN 487), and also in Sidney van den Bergh’s catalogue of reflection nebula (vdB 139). 

Technical details:

Imaged by SSRO at New Mexico Skies in 2006 with additional 2003 data from MYHY Observatory in the Philadelphia suburbs. 16″ RCOS and 10″ OGS RC with an SBIG STL11K and ST10XME, respectively, both on Paramount ME mounts. LRGB with about 9 hours Lum and 2.5 hours RGB/channel.  Reprocessed in 2008 with calibration in Maxim, alignment in Registar, and integration in Sigma Combine; everything else in Photoshop.