NGC 2467 in Puppis

NGC 2467 in Puppis — Click on image to enlarge

NGC 2467 is in the southern constellation, Puppis. It has been referred to as the “Skull and Crossbones Nebula”, although you might find it difficult to see the origin of that name in this rendition of this colorful star forming region.

Technical details are as follows:

The data was acquired by SSRO at CTIO in Chile during February/March 2018 with an FLI 16803 camera, RCOS 16″ at f/11.3, and Planewave 200 HR mount. About 75 hours of data were used to create the final image, and all subexposures were 30 minutes in duration.

The image was first processed as an LRGB, with Ha added to the Red channel and OIII added to the blue channel.

Then a separate SII-Ha-OIII version was created, with RGB stars overlayed.

I experimented with various ways to combine the two. I opted for a rendition that accentuated the Hubble palette narrowband towards the core, but was more heavily weighted towards the broadband component in the periphery.