Teton Backdrop

Teton backdrop — click to enlarge

We set up for the eclipse on a field behind some cabins on the Jackson Lake Lodge property (this picture was taken by my son, Seth, from the balcony of Steve Menaker’s cabin).

Despite dire predictions that millions would flood into Grand Teton National Park to see the eclipse (and Jackson Lake Lodge was open to the public that morning), as you can plainly see, this field was sparsely populated.

I am towards the bottom/left in this image, seated and wearing an orange shirt, making last minute hardware and software checks, as my son, Sean, is next to me “catching some rays” before the sun disappears. His friend, Dan Rose, is just behind. Steve and Joanna Menaker (green and red shirts) huddle to the right, also double checking their equipment. The majestic Tetons are in the background against an absolutely perfectly cloudless sky. What more could you ask for?…well, not to sound ungrateful or anything, but couldn’t totality have occurred right over the Tetons (westward looking), instead of to the east?