NGC 1531-2 Widefield

NGC 1531-2 widefield — Click on image to enlarge

NGC 1531 and 1532 are galaxies in Eridanus. NGC 1532 is the larger galaxy, an edge-on barred spiral, while the smaller 1531, an amorphous galaxy, which seems to hang down from its center.

Technical Details:

All data was obtained from SSRO/CTIO/PROMPT in Chile during the winter of 2019 using a 16″ RCOS @ f/11.3 with an FLI 16803 Proline camera, mounted on a Planewave 200 HR mount. Image scale is 0.41″/pixel. Assembled as an LRGB with about 50 hours of data. Calibration was in Maxim, alignment/integration in PixInsight, deconvolution in PixInsight, and everything else in Photoshop.