NGC 1499

NGC 1499 — click image to enlarge

NGC 1499 is an emission nebula in Perseus, and commonly known as the California Nebula. Its long axis occupies about 2.5 degrees of sky, but it’s extremely difficult to observe visually due to low surface brightness. This is a narrowband image in the traditional Hubble palette.

Technical details are as follows:

10 hours Ha, 10 hours OIII (binned 2×2), and 10 hours S2 data was acquired during the fall 2021 from MYHY Observatory in the Philadelphia suburbs using a 4″ Takahashi FSQ 106N @ f/5 and SBIG STL11K on a Paramount MYT. Calibration was in Maxim, alignment/integration in PixInsight, and everything else in Photoshop.