NGC 2392

NGC 2392 — click on image to enlarge

NGC 2393 is a planetary nebula in Gemini, and only 48″ in diameter, about the same angular size that Jupiter often appears.  It is classified as a bipolar double shell PN.  Its original common moniker — the Eskimo Nebula — is now considered offensive.  I get it.  However, its other nickname — the Clown Face Nebula — is also considered offensive according to Wiki — really?? 

Imaging this from Chile was less than optimal, and the average elevation during the imaging sessions was only about 25 degrees. Nevertheless, it had been on my bucket list of objects for many years, and I’m glad to check it off!

Imaged from SWOS in El Sauce, Chile in April 2023 using a 24″ Planewave CDK @ f/6.5 and SBIG STX-16803. Image scale 0.47″/pixel with 2.5 hours Ha, 2.5 hours OIII, and 2.5 hours S2. Processing in PixInsight and PS.