NGC 5367 & CG-12

NGC 5367 & CG12 — Click on image to enlarge

NGC 5367 is a bright reflection nebula contained within the cometary globule CG12 within the constellation Centaurus. The bright binary star system (note the double diffraction spikes!) at the center of the nebula serves as the reflection source.

Technical details are as follows:

Imaged by SSRO at CTIO/PROMPT/CTIO in 2014 using an RCOS 16″ RC @ f/11.3 and Apogee U9 on a Planewave 200HR mount. Image scale 0.41″/pixel. LRGB with about 5 hours Lum, and 4 hours/channel RGB. Calibration was in Maxim, alignment/integration and deconvolution in PixInsight, and the remainder in Photoshop.